Mixing Fashion and Sports: The Basics of Women’s Golf Shirts.

As is the norm for all golfers, the required golf shirt features a collar and a placket with three to four buttons. Golfers can choose any kind of length of sleeves for their tops, as long as it is appropriate with the current weather. The classic is the short-sleeved polo; long-sleeved ones are usually better worn during cold windy days. The sleeves could be hemmed plain or cuffed. These tops could also have a button-up front for a more professional look or the usual casual polo style. The physical similarities, however, end here.

Men actually prefer to wear the classic knit golf tops because this style permits space for better movement. Polo shirts nevertheless are still classic attire out in the green. These tops are normally paired with a cardigan or a golf sweater.

Golf ShirtsFor women, it is normal and acceptable to go out in the course wearing sleeveless tops, especially during the warmer weathers. Sleeveless golf shirts are still considered conservative by most golf courses. The sleeveless, along with the short-sleeved, are more preferred because it gives more room for movement. What is not considered conservative are the halter tops, tube tops, see-through tops, tank tops, and tops with plunging necklines. Wearing the listed tops would ensure that the golf course would not allow the woman to enter.

In addition, the fabric of the shirt also plays a large part in determining the right golf top. Shirts are usually made of cotton, which provides a nice, airy and breathable feeling. However, during warmer days, it is best to wear polyester-based clothes as these effectively wick the sweat away from the body and on the surface of the fabric. For golfers who tend to sweat a lot and heat up faster, it is best to invest in a polyester golf shirt.

Women have also more leeway in wearing a simple shirt, without the collar, to a golf course. These shirts are already altered as to create a nice fit for the women. Baggy shapeless shirts, however, are still not allowed by most golf courses.

Women’s tops are more fitted and conform to the body shape. It is therefore important to find a top that fits comfortably. When the shirt is too taut, the wearer might not be as flexible and would feel warmer out in the green. Loose-fitting shirts, on the other hand, hamper in the swinging of the player.

Moreover, women are not required to tuck in their golf shirts. The current trend actually shows a golf shirt that fall exactly at the hip, too short to be tucked without it being undone during playing. For those who prefer to tuck their tops, there are golf shirts created that have tails at the back. This means that the back of the shirt is slightly longer as to prevent it from being un-tucked.

The largest difference for the men and women’s tops is the design. It is normal to see women wearing loud-designed and extravagant prints on shirts. Golf clothing manufacturers even release women’s top that follow the current designs in the fashion world. Prints and designs are actually not part of the dress code so it is for this reason that women enjoy playing with the different styles of the tops.

In all, women really do have more freedom in choosing their preferred golf shirts. They could deviate from the standards as long as their chosen outfit still has a semblance of the dress code of the course. They just need to keep in mind that whatever they choose should reflect the level of sophistication and conservatism found in golf players.

The Upscale Haven of Garden City Real Estate NY

Tired of living amidst the crowd and noise of the city? Wanting to live within New York yet away from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolitan? One can find a place within Hempstead town, Nassau County that is exactly the place to be, if one wants to live in a tranquil and chic residential area. Experience the upscale haven of Garden City Real Estate NY and live among the most affluent families in the city. Yes, a getaway within the city is possible with Garden City.

The growth in property pricesGarden City Real Estate NY is an independent but incorporated village founded by Scottish millionaire Alexander Stewart in 1869. It was his way of providing a getaway from the humdrum of New York without venturing outside the city. Established to be a fashionable escape from the noise of the metropolitan this village has remained a chic getaway for some of the well-to-do families in the city and neighboring areas.

It is also home to one of the most beautifully designed Georgian and Tudor style houses that were originally built at the turn of the century. They were renovated and furnished to keep up with the needs of the modern times yet preserving their original posh interior and exterior beauties. Ideally located in the vast expanse of well-tailored lawns and backyards, it presents a picture perfect landscape for families who want to live in privacy and style.

Living in this village is very convenient and comfortable since it has its own schools where the young children of families from the village can enroll. It also has its own police and fire departments. Hence, safety is reassured within the area. In fact, crime rate against person and properties are negligible as compared to other parts of the city. Shopping and fine dining can also be experienced right within the village.

In fact, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall is located just east of the village. Art galleries and other cultural centers or museums also abound in the area. There are also parks and recreational areas that offer diverse sports activities and even classes, such as swimming. Garden City is indeed one self-contained village that is ideal for people who want to live a chic yet tranquil existence.

There are no beachfront properties in Garden City Real Estate NY but one can easily drive to the beach both on the south and north coasts if you want to go beach hopping. The village has a population of not more than 25,000 hence you can enjoy the tranquility and order that such an unpopulated village offers. The crime rate against people and property is very minimal in this part of the county as compared to the rest of Hempstead and more so to New York. Hence, your property as well as your own safety is highly assured in this part of town.

Incidence of earthquake and flood in this part of the town is practically non-existent for so many years now. The village is actually surrounded by verdant trees, foliage and ponds that lend the area its fresh, serene and relaxing atmosphere. The real estate properties in this part of the county truly provide a heavenly escape from the bustling crowd and commotion of the city that is still within easy access.

Custom Coins as Party Souvenirs

A birthday comes once in a lifetime. While people may disagree and say that it happens every year, this sentence still rings true because you’re only a certain age once in your lifetime. This is why when you celebrate your birthday, you should celebrate it with gusto.

If you are planning a big party to celebrate a milestone age, you should also give out souvenirs or giveaways to your guests. Allow them to take something home from a really awesome party to remember it by. Not only will it serve as a memorabilia from your party, but it will also serve as a means by which you can thank your friends and loved ones for going to your party and for being part of your life.

Custom CoinsIf you will be celebrating your 50th birthday, custom coins are the perfect souvenirs to give your guests and loved ones. If these custom coins can be used to commemorate the changing of the Pope, or the centennial of a country’s independence, why can’t it be used to commemorate your 50th birth anniversary?

Perhaps the most important reason why these coins can be the best souvenir for your birthday is because of the fact that it will not cause too much of a dent on your budget to order. It is common knowledge that throwing a party, whether big or small, will most definitely cost money. The list of things to spend on can go on and on. This is why it is important to find something that will not be too expensive. You don’t want to spend the whole year in poverty, right?

Custom coins are usually bought in bulk, meaning, the more that you buy, each piece becomes cheaper to manufacture. This is one of those situations wherein buying more would mean you get to save more. There may also be instances wherein you can personally coordinate with the manufacturer so that you can stay within budget. If you let them know how much your budget is, they will let you know what kinds of designs they can manufacture for you. This is what people usually do so that they can reach a compromise faster.

Another reason why custom coins are the perfect souvenirs is because of their highly customizable nature. If you want a really memorable souvenir, then this is perfect for you. You have the freedom to design the coin any way you want, making it truly one of a kind. Your guests can be sure that they’re getting one of only one hundred or two hundred that you had made. They can be sure that they will not see anything like it anywhere.

Of course, remember to rein in your creative skills a bit. The more intricate the design of your custom coins is, the more expensive it will likely be. The manufacturers may have a harder time making a mold of your design, which could bring the price upwards. Moreover, if you want to add details like colors or an enamel finish, you will have to pay an additional cost. Make sure you weigh your decisions properly so you don’t end up paying more than you were originally planning to.

Lastly, these coins are timeless. Ten to twenty years after, they will still look and feel the same. These are items that have a classic and timeless charm, unlike other items which are usually used as souvenirs. Think of a custom coin as something that represents you – that even if you are already celebrating your 50th birthday, you may still be considered timeless and as someone with that undeniably classic charm.

Where Can You Find Effective Motivational Speakers?

Do you have a corporate presentation coming up? Have you found your workforce in need of further training? Want to boost your employees’ morale? Is your senior management not available to conduct the training? Or have you simply run out of ideas on what to include in your event? Whatever your reason is, motivational speakers are here to fulfill your organization’s needs.

Now that you have determined your need for an inspirational speaker, where can you find one? Of course, you do not want to rely on referrals because not all inspirational speakers are adept at every subject matter. To help you in your problem, below are some of the avenues to which you can find effective motivational speakers for every occasion.

• Talent agencies

Motivational speakerSourcing speakers through talent agencies is a sure way to secure an effective talent. The talent agencies are made specifically to find and hone the competence of its speakers. Sometimes, a talent agency can also be a way for seasoned speakers to find themselves a client. However, booking through this kind of company is more expensive as compared to contacting the speaker himself.

• Organizations

There are a myriad of collective organizations established mainly for the purpose of addressing industry-wide issues and improving the current state of its members. Since most esteemed professionals in their respective industries are members of such organizations, you can tap these talents by searching them in the organization’s database. For instance, if you want to get someone who has expertise in marketing as your speaker, you can look for the members of marketing associations as your contacts.

• Government

People in the government, particularly those in the higher positions, have a vast experience in public speaking. This is due to their duties to report their progress among concerned entities such as the businessmen, civilian organizations, and the general public. Therefore, they can also be a viable source of motivational speakers for your firm.

• Training centers

There are certain institutions that are created to train people in public speaking, especially in motivational speaking. Oftentimes, these training centers do provide quality education and imposing guidance to its students since there is a certification given to its passers. You can tap the graduates of such programs for your company.

• Universities

Similarly, professors in the universities have an ample experience in public speaking, particularly in teaching. Also, the advantage of hiring these education professionals is that they have credentials to back it up. Most professors have either taken graduate studies and/or doctoral programs.

• Senior Executives

A popular choice for motivational speakers is the senior management of any company. Their leadership quality is a plus in inspirational speaking. They have that charisma and aura which makes them draw the attention of the audience to themselves easily. Also, they have a significant experience in motivating people as it is their job as the managers in their company.

• Media Personalities

Being a celebrity, a TV host, or a newscaster gives these people an edge in attracting a vast number of spectators by just being present on the occasion. Thus, if you want to garner a lot of viewers for your event, contacting media personalities as your motivational speaker is the right thing to do.

Note however that it is not easy to secure a booking for these individuals due to their demanding work schedule. Also, getting them as a speaker comes with a high price. Besides the actual talent fee, you have to provide extra security for these high-profile personalities.

Now that all your options in has been put into one place, securing motivational speakers has never been this easy. What’s left for you to do is to get that telephone and start calling them up.


A popular choice for motivational speakers is the senior management of any company.

Portable Storage Containers: Will This Be Your New Home?

Aside from being used as an added storage space for home and business, portable storage containers can also be transformed and converted into actual houses. All you have to do is cut out provisions for windows and doors, place divisions inside, remodel the floors and walls, add insulation, and add all the amenities that you want to find in your dream home and voila! You now have a functional house no matter how unconventional it may be. There are plenty of benefits from using portable storage containers designed by moveablecubicle.com for homes and these are some of them:

Less Costly

MoveablecubicleThe cost associated with building a home using portable storage containers really vary depending on how fancy you want it to become. However, compared to homes made from bricks and cement, shipping container homes are by far cheaper. In fact, if you keep it simple, you may just end up spending just a few thousand dollars. That is something that you can pay in cash for, thus freeing you from years of mortgage.


According to recent statistics, in the US alone, hundreds of thousands of containers are left unused. Since transporting them to their places of origin is costly, they are left abandoned – waiting to be filled but the demand is not that high. If some of these containers are reused, maintained, and turned into homes, that will be a significant reduction to the solid wastes, not to mention that it helps preserve natural resources that are common materials in building conventional homes, like stone, sand, and wood.

Easy to Modify

Do you need to add another room to your home? Just buy an additional shipping container, attach it to your home, and you are done. You do not have to smash walls or ruin your nice roof just to renovate your house to add a room. It also works vice versa, like if you want to reduce the size of your home once the kids have left to live on their own. All you have to do is remove one or two containers in your home and sell them.

Speedy Construction

Since these containers are already shaped in a box with walls, floors, and ceilings, very little work is needed to transform them into homes. Just find a builder that has had experience with shipping container homes and you can move in your own new home in no time at all.

Sturdy Home

These portable storage containers are made of durable steel that can withstand harsh weather. Therefore, living in them assures you that you will be aptly protected from hurricanes and earthquakes. In fact, they are so sturdy that you can stack them up to make multiple-story homes and yet be confident that the one at the bottom will not be damaged.

There are just a few considerations to remember when using shipping containers for your homes. First, its steel material can make the interior temperature rise. Thus, it is advised that you add insulation when building this type of home. Second, make a thorough inspection of the container that you are going to transform into a house. Signs of rusting may hide damages that can no longer be remedied and affect the strength of the container. It is better to hire an expert to do the inspection for you. Third, make sure that the paint material used in the container is not harmful. It would also be advised that you clean it thoroughly before starting your modifications.

With these benefits, you may just want to think about using shipping containers once you are ready to have your own home built. With the low cost that it requires, you may in fact be ready to have it now and just expand once you have saved more money.

The importance of a neck lanyard

Some of you may think that lanyards should be avoided because the modern fashion statement says so, but it is not true because neck lanyards are very useful and should be used whenever it is necessary for a person to carry something important like an ID tag, a badge, or a small electronic device in view at all times. Take in consideration the next examples that should convince you why you shouldn’t throw away that lanyard:

wholesalelanyards• Politicians, senators, diplomats, leaders and even the president use lanyard ID cards in their official conferences wherever a table isn’t provided with large paper tag in front on the people. Even fashionable political figures like presidents and leaders wear neck lanyards in congresses and alternative international conferences because they need to follow the skilled prescript. Additionally, in several zones of the globe you nearly always see social leaders carrying lanyard ID cards every time they are attending conferences or gatherings for humanitarian functions.

• Home service technicians (such as plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaners and so on) consider that it is vital to have an ID on them at all times, and that is why we seem them carrying neck lanyards with badges and identification cards outside their clothes. These technicians will print their name and their contact data on a card for whenever identification is needed, they can easily show it to the home’s owner.

• Restaurant staff, waiters and bartenders use lanyard ID cards. These are necessary for whenever a client wants a service and want to try a friendlier approach with them.

• Professional athletic groups, like sport groups for example, use neck lanyards to carry and ID or a medal.

• Skiers and snowboarders use lanyards in many ways. The use neck lanyards for their sturdiness and also need them for transport passes and are also resistant to cold and water, as compared to metal accessories.

• And, of course, there is the everyday user that uses neck lanyards to hold their keys, pens, and other dimensionally small accessories. In everyday use and during a lot of various other activities, neck lanyards play a serious role, particularly for those who have an outsized variety of keys and they just need to stack them on a lanyard. This is often rather more economical compared to a metal ring that hangs below the belt and not in sight’s view. Neck lanyards are also used for holding pens; whenever the user needs to sign a lot of papers he can just grab his own pen from the neck lanyard and use it, while never losing it on a desk or at someone’s hands.

What can be said is that this is what they are made for: to hold different accessories that are used a lot by a person. Some photographers put their cameras around their necks for easier access, while IT administrators and technicians hold their USB flash drives on these lanyards. It is better that having bulky pocket full of items as your everyday carry.